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Feedback and Reviews

We welcome your feedback on our concerts, our publicity materials and our other activities.

You can complete a simple audience survey HERE and we encourage you to do so. We are always interested in the views of our audiences and a lot of arts funding is also dependent upon audience research and feedback. We are keen to collect as much constructive input as possible and encourage you to complete the survey after each concert.

You can read full reviews of our concerts under the News heading and we should like to thank Clive Walkley for his time writing these on a regular basis. We also encourage you to leave a brief review on our Contact form or on our social media channels. Whatever your musical knowledge or expertise, we are interested in your ideas and comments and can often pass these on to the performers too.

Finally, if you have comments about any other aspects of our publicity, welcome or other activities, please let us know via the Contact form and we will try to respond as quickly as we can to any complaints or queries.

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