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Our Venues

Whether the Westmorland Hall of Kendal Leisure Centre or the Parish Church or one of our outreach event venues, you can find up-to-date information and links here.

Please note that full seating plans are available when booking tickets for a specific concert and these are part of the PatronBase ticketing system.

Kendal Parish Church

This is an ancient church that has been at the heart of the Kendal community for over 700 years. Lakeland Sinfonia used to hold a majority of its concerts in the Church before the move to Kendal Leisure Centre and, from summer 2023, our season will be split between the two venues.

Holy Trinity Kendal Parish Church is a wheelchair-accessible public building and all concert seating is on the flat with a low ramp at the entrance. If you require wheelchair access, please contact us in advance so we can ensure appropriate space is allocated for you.

All seating is unreserved and unnumbered, so the first to come will be the first seated. Some seats in the side aisles will have their view of the orchestra interrupted by pillars but we aim to provide large TV screens at the front of the side aisles, showing a video relay of the conductor and performers.

There are toilet facilities, which are reached through the door at the side of the left-hand aisle. A modest hospitality service is often provided by the church volunteers at their small bar at the rear of the church – wine and soft drinks should be available for purchase.

As seating is in church pews, please feel free to bring a cushion!

Westmorland Hall, Kendal Leisure Centre

The Westmorland Hall was opened to the public in 1982 and it provides raised staging for the orchestra and a majority of raised stepped seating for the audience. Lakeland Sinfonia also creates a row of seating at the floor level (known as the Area) and this can easily accommodate those of limited mobility and wheelchair users.

The Westmorland Hall is a part of a public access building with sports facilities and a swimming pool. We do not always have exclusive access during our concerts so it can sometimes be very busy, especially parking. We recommend allowing ample time for parking and accessing your seat. Additional parking is available at Kirkbie Kendal School when needed.

There are dedicated disabled car parking spaces close to the main entrance; however, availability is not guaranteed. The foyer is accessed either by steps or a wheelchair-accessible route. There are a limited number of seats in the foyer and a bar lounge, which is upstairs and accessible by lift.

To enter the Westmorland Hall from the foyer, you must either traverse steps (see below) or use the lift.

The lift is about 30 metres down the corridor to the left of the main reception desk and has space for a wheelchair and two or three companions. Upstairs, the lift exits into the bar area. Downstairs, the lift exits to a backstage meeting room area, and it is necessary to pass through wide doors and enter the auditorium from backstage. Backstage is a busy area before concerts, and there are always people around to assist with doors. Please allow plenty of time for using the lift as demand can be high and it is not very quick.

The auditorium has three entrances:

Lower level: Accessed down one flight of steps through the door on the left side of the foyer. You emerge onto a flat level area at the front right-hand side of the auditorium. This is the primary entrance for most people and tends to be busy.

From here you can access the Area seating and the Grand Tier rows A-T. Please note that the Grand Tier seating rows are reached by steps and there are no handrails.

Upper level: Accessed up two flights of steps from the right-hand side of the foyer and across the flat-level lounge/bar area to the auditorium entrance. You emerge at balcony level at the top of the right-hand side of the auditorium, above the Grand Tier seating. To access rows A-T, you have to go down aisle steps, which do not have handrails.

Via Emergency Exit: This can only be used before a concert by a special arrangement made in advance with the venue management (01539 729777). However, it is normally opened for exit after the concert finishes at about 9:15 – 9:30pm). This is a double door that exits straight to the car park level outside and it is also the recommended route into the auditorium for mobility scooters.

Please contact the venue as far in advance as possible if you need to access the auditorium on a mobility scooter or other large mobility aid so that we can make the necessary arrangements. We aim to support and assist the elderly and physically challenged as best we can. However, our resources are limited and we are not responsible for the venue itself nor its management.

If you have special requests, please contact the venue or us as far in advance as possible so that your needs can be understood and people have time to plan and respond.

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